Friday, November 24, 2017

Why I Love Forex Trading & My 1:6 Risk Reward Ratio Trade

I have been trading forex since 2009 and one of the main reason I love trading forex is the freedom it gives me. As long as I have a computer plus internet connection, I could make money from trading anywhere I want.

Last Friday, I went to Indonesia for a 3D 2N short trip with my family.

Wherever I go and have the time to sit down and relax, I will take out my laptop and connect to the internet using the $5 SGD handphone 3GB data plan that I have bought in the local store.

I will start to look at the chart and look for trading opportunity. Due to the volatility of the market in recent period, I had some losing trades that are due to the spike in the price but after that, the price move in large movement in my traded direction.

I made good profit for my account during that one day of my vacation and I am glad to be able to make money for my students and users of my Forex Signal Service during my vacation.

Below is the screenshot of my account

(Click on the image to enlarge it)

You may see more red boxes but if you take a closed look at it, you will see that 9 of them are breakeven trades and not losing trades.

There are 2 things I want to emphasize here in this post

1) The importance of trust in a strategy

If you take a look at the screenshot or the video that I have recorded for you guys, you will see the trades that I have taken during last Friday.

There are a point where I get 4 consecutive losing trades in a row due to the volatility of the recent market. For some traders who do not have faith in the forex strategy they are using, they will stop trading and start to look for new strategy to use.

However I stick to my strategy like a glue and I eventually emerged as a winner. This is because I trust my strategy very much as I have been using them since 2009. Therefore I will urge all my students of my forex course to trust the strategies that I have taught you as well.

Stick to it like a glue and you will be profitable in your trading every month. The best way for you to have faith in your strategy is to trade it on a demo account. As long as you can achieve 2 consecutive months of profits in your demo account, you will have faith in your strategy.

2) The importance of risk reward in a strategy

From my account screenshot, you can see that my loss is around $1,200 to $1,500 per trade but my win is around $5,000 to $11,000. For all the trades, they have a risk reward of average 1:4 and above. There are some trades that goes to 1:6 which is my favorite.

If you can hit 1:6 for a trade, you will definitely be able to make money from trading cos 1 win can withstand 6 losses.

These are the things that people do not talk about. Most websites are telling you what is the winning percentage but to me this is useless. You can win a lot of 3:1 trades which means that 1 loss need 3 wins to balance.

When I am new to trading, I used to join forex signal service or copier service that trade with 100 pips stop loss and win 20 pips. In the end, I lose money every single month. They can produce 50 winning trades and 15 losing trades and they tell you that their winning percentage is 77% and that looks impressive.

But 50 winning trades of 20 pips = +1,000 pips and 15 losing trades of 100 pips = -1,500 pips. In the end, you still lose money with a strategy that has 77% winning percentage.

These are the work of marketers who know nothing about forex trading but just want to make money from us traders.

Therefore my advice for all of you here in my blog is to be more alert and do not fall prey to those marketers. There is nothing more important than risk reward ratio in trading. It is also the reason why I can stay profitable every single month without fail in my trading since 2009.

I hope that this post can inspire you guys who are still struggling in your trading that it is really possible to make a living trading forex and all you need is to find a strategy that can give you good risk reward ratio.

For those of you who are interested to find out more about my Fx street university course which comes with a 30 days trial to my Forex Signal Service, you can do so via the link below

Click Here For More Info about my Course

Below is the video of the account I use to trade for my Forex BTB Signal service user

Below are the pictures that I have taken during the trip

Street of Tanjung Pinang

My favourite Murtabak (Pancake)

My favourite Gado Gado (Mixed Nut Noodle)

My sister in law nephew



15 Responses to “Why I Love Forex Trading & My 1:6 Risk Reward Ratio Trade”

    u couple look like an aliens with a great sense of forecasting that is why u have so many winning trades

  2. Sathia says:

    Hi Kevin, as I read your sections what i notice is your sincerity in showing all your losing trades as well but your explanation on those losing trades as compared to your winning trades brings confidence to traders like me who are struggling with more and more losing trades on our own style. I should follow you to get some best trades, thank you.

  3. krugs says:

    this is the best site that i have come across that has solid content which can effect positive change. im simply amazed.
    ill be purchasing the course.

    please read my email that was eariler sent


  4. Jose says:


    I am considering joining your service but I can vouch for you that most of the service out there are crap.

    The last 3 signal services that I had used cause me over $5,000 in saving due to their big stop loss and small profits.

  5. Theo says:

    Hi Kelvin

    I am proud to recognize you as my mentor as you are honest and hardworking, you teach easy to use systems/strategies and your website is what i go through at times when i feel down n think trading is just not for me but then you send us emails like this of today that show that even if you do loose but the Risk reward is very much important and also above all we should trust the strategies you have taught in your Street university course and put them to practice. So just thank you

  6. Jones says:


    Thks for your great work and I am glad to have taken the profits as well.

  7. Kai Ming says:

    Hi Mentor

    I have just joined your fx street university for just $297 last Wednesday and activated my 30 days trial on Thursday with my $5,000 account.

    I was stunned when I see that I have a profit $1,900+ on Friday. The profit I have made has far exceed the fee I have paid and this is like a dream.

    I never knew that this is possible and you have showed it to me.

    Really grateful to have found you. Got to thank my friend and give him a treat for recommending your blog to me.

    • Lee Kelvin says:

      Hi Kai Ming

      The whole purpose of creating the service is to help student grow their account and show you guys that it is really possible to make money with my strategies.

      Just focus on practicing what I teach you and leave your account to me for the moment until you are able to trade for yourself.

  8. Martin says:

    Excellent work as usual.

    I have used over 20 different forex signal and forex copier service and I can say that none of them came close to what you have been doing for me every month.

    For the 20 different services that I had used in the past, they have made me losses after losses every month and I am sick of it.

    I nearly gave up forex trading until my friends recommend me to your website. You are the real deal.

    Keep it up!

    • Lee Kelvin says:

      Hi Martin

      There are too many marketers in the market who are trying to pose as real traders. They are just looking to make a one time money from you and that is it.

      However I will still prefer you to master my strategies and not rely on me to trade for you. Please practice what I teach you on a demo and you will be able to trade for yourself one day like me.

  9. Tyler says:

    Hi Kelvin

    I did not have the same amount of money as you in my account. But with $2,000 in my account, I made $760+ for that day.

    Excellent trading skills and your service has not let me down for the past 5 months

  10. Jess says:

    Hi Kelvin

    I am a user of your trade copier and I must say that you are awesome.

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