Ready to kick your profits into high gear?

I offer a variety of courses and products to help you learn how to be a competent trader and take your profits to the next level.


Get educated and become a confident trader.

In Forex course, you’ll get the 8 specific strategies I use to minimize risk and maximize profit (regardless of market conditions), my personal modified indicators, and more. More importantly, you’ll learn how to think like a trader, so you can confidently adapt to the market and make consistent profits. As far as I know, this is the only Forex course that comes with a 130% refund policy.


Start making real money while you learn.

It takes time, practice, and experience to become a skilled and confident trader. While you’re learning to trade and practicing in your demo account, I can handle your live trades so you start making money right away. I’m so confident in this service that it’s backed by my “pay only for profitable month” policy. (If you don’t make at least 5% profit, it’s free.)

NOTE: This service is only available to My Forex Course students.