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My Overall Strategy Performance For September 2013

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It is again time to update you guys on the performance of my strategies taught in my break the bands strategy course and Forex Street University course.

For both courses, there are good profits made and I really hope that my students are making the same amount of profit as me. Even if you did not make exactly the same profit as me, this is mainly due to your execution skills of my strategies. But I am sure that you are making another profitable month in trading with my strategies and that is what I promised you in the course. In order to further improve your execution strategy, you just have to continue using what I have taught you and you will find that you will eventually make the exact same amount of profits as me.



  • 3rd September 2013: +50 pips
  • 9th September 2013: + 50 pips
  • 9th September 2013: -25 pips
  • 20th September 2013: Breakeven


  • 4th September 2013: +50 pips
  • 8th September 2013: +50 pips
  • 11th September 2013: +50 pips
  • 18th September 2013: +50 pips
  • 24th September 2013: +50 pips
  • 26th September 2013: +50 pips
  • 30th September 2013: +50 pips


  • 2nd September 2013: +50 pips
  • 5th September 2013: -25 pips
  • 10th September 2013: +50 pips
  • 25th September 2013: +50 pips


  • 30th September 2013: -25 pips

As a whole, break the bands strategy made 12 winning trades and 3 losing trades. It made me 475 pips profits for the month of September and this is mainly due to the great performance of this strategy on the GBPUSD last month.

For those of you who are new to this strategy, I will suggest you to start with demo account. Once you are able to make consecutive months of profit with this strategy, that means that you are now able to execute it well. You can then move on to live trading.

For those of you who are interested to find out more about this course, do note that there are over 50 trading examples in this course based on all those trades that I have personally taken. If you are interested, please click on the link below to find out more about this course

Click Here For More Break The Bands Strategy Information


For the Forex Street University course, it consists of 6 different strategies that I am using. As a whole, it made more profits than the break the bands strategy last month. In fact, the 6 strategies has been making me profits consistently every month since 2008. If you do not have a working strategy on hand, you can take a look at the forex mastery course below.

For the month of September 2013, it made me

  • 25 Winning Trades
  • 2 Losing Trades

Click Here For More Forex Street University Course Information

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