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My Forex Candlestick Pattern Analysis

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From this week onwards, I will be posting my analysis on my forex chart talking about the various candlestick patterns that I can see and how it can affects your trading.

If you have been reading up on forex books or attending forex courses, you will understand how important it is for a trader to have a good understanding of candlesticks and the patterns that it can form. The sad thing about this is that most new traders think that candle patterns is too basic and do not want to spend time learning them which is why they are always in the wrong side of the market.

Although there are a lot of indicators in the market that you can use in your trading, the most important thing that you need to know is price action. As most indicators are lagging the market movement, you have to rely on the price action to give you a hint on the movement of the market and this is where the candlestick and its patterns come into play.

Therefore I will be looking at my forex chart and then look out for any candlestick patterns that I can share with you and show you how they should work and how it really works in the market. I will be attaching pictures of those patterns together with concise explanation hoping that you can learn something from it.

As this blog is setup for all forex traders, therefore I hope that all of you who are reading this blog can contribute by asking questions and commenting on the post. Do not worry that your question may be too basic as your question may help another reader solve his/her problem in trading.

We are all here to learn and progress together, so let us work together to achieve our goals in trading.

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