Friday, November 24, 2017

Live Forex Trade Taken on 3rd August 2017

In this post, I will show you one of the trades that I have taken for user of my trade copier service this month. Initially, this trade is setup with a 1:7 risk reward ratio settings. The stop loss is set at 25 pips while the target profit is set at 180 pips.

After the price has moved certain pips in my favor, I shift the stop loss to breakeven and even at 100 pips profit level which means that the worst situation I can get is 100 pips profits or more. However due to a strong level of support, I decided to get out of the trade at 150 pips which also gives me a 1:6 risk reward ratio. (Not bad for a trade)

As long as you are trading with a good risk reward ratio, you will definitely be making profits every month without failed.

Below is the video of the live trade


Below is the screenshot of my trade copier account showing the outcome of the trade (The box in red). In fact, if you take a look at my account, you can see that all my wins are almost ard 2 times the losses and this is the reason why I am profitable every single month without fail since 2008.

For those of you who are interested to find out more about my trade copier service, you can click on the link below

If you have any question regarding forex trading, my Fx Street Uni course or my Trade Copier service, do feel free to email me at [email protected]






5 Responses to “Live Forex Trade Taken on 3rd August 2017”
  1. Charles Ogadi says:

    Hi Kelvin,
    Yeah, I followed that trade and I was really thrilled at the way you deftly managed the profitable price settings, especially on Friday, towards the close of trading.
    Initially, I was thinking “…why is Lee not locking in the profits”, but at the end of the day, I discovered you did just that, as you said in the above post.
    I’m still new to your copier service, but I have more confidence in your style now, after watching your skillful trade last weekend.
    I’m expecting more, though!

    Cheers and best regards.


  2. Ken says:

    Thks Kelvin for the 150 pips profit.

    I really enjoy seeing you trading my account as it really allows me to see how a real trader trades and this has greatly changed my way of trading.

  3. Bob says:

    Hi Kelvin

    I just activate your 30 days trial to your trade copier service and I cant believe that I have already made back the fee I had paid for your Fx Street Uni course in just one week of the service.

    You are an amazing trader!

  4. Fin says:

    Hi Kelvin

    Just want to say thank you for the profits for this month so far. I have made $500 with your binary strategies so far this month and you are really an inspiration for me.

  5. Jay says:

    Thks Kelvin for the 150 pips profit. You are the BEST!

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