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Forex CCI Indicator Explained

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The CCI indicator is known as the Commodity Channel Index and this is an indicator that is developed by Donald Lambert.

I will not bother you with the calculation of this indicator because your trading platform can automatically help you to calculate and plot out the indicator. What I am going to share with you today is what exactly this indicator can do for you and how you can integrate it to your trading plan.

For this CCI indicator, it will come with +100 and -100 levels. Most of the time, this indicator will move in between the +100 and -100 levels and it will exceed the levels for about 20 to 25% of the time.

Here is what you can use the CCI for:

1) As a buy and sell signal – Whenever you see the CCI moving above the +100 level, you are in fact in a period of strong uptrend and this is the time you can enter a LONG trade. Once the CCI moves back to the +100 level, you should then exit your trade.

However when you see the CCI moving below the -100 level, you are in a strong downtrend period and you can enter a SHORT trade. Similar to the above LONG trade, you should exit your trade once the CCI move up to the -100 level.

Buy & Sell Signal

From the picture above, you can see that the market move higher when CCI reaches the +100 level and vice verse.

2) As a reversal identifier – There are basically 3 ways you can make use of the CCI indicator to identify reversal and I am going to go through one by one in detail.

a) Trend Line Break: You can make use of the CCI to draw trend line and once you see the trend line being breached, you are going to see the market moving in the direction of the breakout.

Trend Line Break

b) CCI Divergence: Similar to MACD divergence, the CCI also produces positive and negative divergences. When you see the market making higher highs while the CCI making lower highs, you are in fact seeing a negative divergence. This is usually a signal that the market is going to move down but the time it takes for the down move may vary and you should not assume that it is coming in the next few candles.

Positive Divergence

If you see the price making lower lows while the CCI making higher lows, it is a sign of positive divergence and the market is going to produce an upward movement soon. Similarly, you should not assume that it is going to happen very soon.

Negative Divergence

c) Overbought & Oversold: Similar to the Stochastic and the Relative Strength Index, the CCI can be used as an oscillator. When you see this indicator moving above the +200 level, you are in an overbought zone and you can place a SHORT trade when you see the CCI crossing below the +100 level.

When you see the indicator moving below the -200 level, you are in an oversold zone and you can then place a LONG trade once you see the indicator moving above the -100 level.

Overbought & Oversold

However there is nothing that works 100% of the time and below is one such example


The CCI indicator has been a great help to my trading so far and it can be integrated into various type of trading methods due to its multi-features. You can try this indicator out in your trading chart and see how it performs for you .

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16 Responses to “Forex CCI Indicator Explained”
  1. orts says:

    wow I like this and I will start using it next week. thanks a lot for the effort to help me. Jah bless you and the family brother.

  2. Doloris Paltanavage says:

    Awesome stuff on this site! Terrifically interesting responses. Good job!

  3. jhun says:

    hi kelvin! am using the M1 and H4 timeframe, what would be the best setting for cci and stochastic so that it would do well in my trading decision? by the way, am new to your site and i found it to be very informative! hope to hear from you soon! keep up the good work! Thanks!

    • Kelvin says:

      Hi jhun

      For the CCI, I only use the default setting and it works great for me. As for the stochastic, I usually use the slow stochastic of 5, 3, 3

  4. Rasika says:

    Dear All., I started forex by AUTO TRADING. I had only 300$ account. I lost all of money. I am not a rich man. Now I lost my money but I want getup again by forex.

    Now Iam thinking to start manual trading in 100$ account. These days Iam trying to trade in practice account. I tested many Indicators.

    I found the “CCI Arrow” is a good & simple Indicator. But It do not have “SOUND ALERT”

    If any expert can give me the “CCI ARROW” Indicator with sound alert it is a great help to me. I want to trade small trades my maximum target is to earn 6$ form my real account. (Now I have a new account with 100$)

    So any helpful good person can give the “CCI ARROW” Indicator with sound alert I will thanks him again to the “Grate Help”.

  5. John says:

    Hi Kelvin, Can you advise me how I can impose another CCI chart with period 5 in the same chart as CCI with period 14. Thanks

    • Kelvin says:

      Hi John

      That depends on what platform are you using. I may not be using the same one as you and therefore the way to add another CCI with period 5 is different from yours.

  6. Akirano says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    Thanks for your explanation about CCI. Can CCI be used for H4 time frame besides
    H1 ?


  7. Has says:

    Thanks sir for yur educative cci pleas am just a beginner in forex can yu guide me on when to enter the market and when not

  8. Siraj says:

    Hi Kelvin!

    Thank you for your concise and illuminating articles.

    Could you please let me know on what time frame i.e. daily, 4 hr or 1 hr do you use the CCI indicator to get into a trade? And do you just use the 14 period CCI for all your FX pairs?

    Thank you and kind regards.


  9. Bourse says:

    Thanks for sharing these helpful informations about CCI.

  10. Boyxx says:

    Hi, can you tell me period for CCI ? ex CCI(14) ? CCI(x) ? what is your x ?

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