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First 2 Fx Trade Copier Trade Taken on 5th Sept 2017

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In this post, you will see a live trade video I have recorded for the second trade that was taken this month for the user of my trade copier service.

The first trade went about 35 pips in our favor before moving back to hit our breakeven stop loss. Although it is a pity that it ended up as a breakeven trade, this practice of shifting stop loss to breakeven is also one of the factor that ensure that I stay profitable every month without fail. This is also how I protect the account of the user who use my trade copier service.

Shortly after the first trade hit the breakeven stop loss, a user email me asking me if I can set the target profit as 25 pips for every trade instead of 40 to 50 pips. I can totally understand his feeling of seeing the profit slip past his hand and ended up as a breakeven trade as I am a new trader before and have this feeling as well.

However after trading of trading, I understand the importance of allowing the profit to run and cutting short the stop loss as this is how we achieve high risk reward ratio per trade.

If I always take profit at 25 pips, I will only hit 1:1 risk reward ratio which is not good for trading.

For the second trade, I took the trade out at 41 pips and make a profit for the trade.

Below is the video of the second trade

Below is the screenshot showing you the first 2 trades that I have taken this month for my trade copier user

For those of you who are interested in my trade copier service, you can take a look at the link below

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7 Responses to “First 2 Fx Trade Copier Trade Taken on 5th Sept 2017”
  1. Lua Han Kun says:

    Hi Kelvin,
    My first month of trade copier service really made me exicted cos
    I made some profits in real trading..I believe you always try your best to
    get best result and to be a good mentor.I ve learned a lot about forex after
    taken up your courses.Your method of teaching is easy to understand and straight forward. Thank Kelvin for the services.

    Best Regards.

  2. Andy says:

    Hi Kelvin. Thanks for the effort you put into this blog, it really is a useful resource.
    I was wondering why you shift to breakeven rather than using a trailing stop? Is this a personal preference or does it actually produce better results? Andy.

  3. May says:

    Hi Kelvin

    Thks for the profits.

    I trust your trading all the way.

  4. Cecil says:

    Thks for the 40 pips profit.

    You have made me $300 with that single trade and it is nearly paying for the entire course already.

    Wow this service is really exciting me.

  5. Hector says:


    I have just activated my 30 days trial to your trade copier service this month and I am excited to already see profits made on my account at this early stage of the month.

    Upon seeing the way you trade on my account, I can really entrust my account to you.

    Thks for the course and service

  6. Mark says:

    Hi Kelvin

    I am a user of your trade copier service since Feb 2017 and I must say that you really deliver results.

    I have tried a lot of signals before but all of them ended up with losses and you are the only one who really made me profits month after months.

    Thks for the $2,300 profit last month

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