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First 2 Fx Trade Copier Trades Taken on 2nd Oct 2017

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I have recorded the live trade showing the2nd  trade that I have taken for user of my trade copier service on the 2nd Oct 2017.

For the first trade, we ended up with a 24 pips loss as the price hits our stop loss. Shortly after, I enter another trade on the GBPUSD and set a target profit of 100 pips and stop loss of 25 pips for it giving me a 1:4 risk reward ratio.

In the end, I see a strong support at that level and then I exit the trade early at 83 pips which gives us a 1: 3.3 risk reward ratio trade. If you have been following my blog and the live trade video, you will know that I am always profitable every month because of the good risk reward ratio.

Therefore if you are new to forex trading, you need to know that this is the number one key to successful trading.

Below is the live video of the second trade

Below is the screenshot from my trade copier account

For those of you who are interested in my trade copier service where I will personally trade your account for you, you can take a look at the link below to find out more about my trade copier service.

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12 Responses to “First 2 Fx Trade Copier Trades Taken on 2nd Oct 2017”
  1. Melvin says:

    Just want to let u know that I made $2,250 with your service last month.

    You really deliver your promise. I am Glad to have trusted you. I will be recommending my friends to your course as well

  2. Glen says:


    Wow. What a profit. Thks for the profits yesterday as well

  3. Jacky says:

    Hi Kelvin

    Thks for the profits

  4. Scott says:

    Hi kelvin
    What strategy are you using for copier service

  5. Mohd Karul says:

    Hi Sir

    Thks for making me $1,400+ with your service last month and this month is a good start and I hope that you can make more for me to help me recoup back my previous losses from those lousy robots in the market.

    Just want to tell you that I love your course.

    • Lee Kelvin says:


      Sure I will help you recoup back your losses. Just focus on mastering my strategies for now and leave your account to me.

  6. Timothy says:

    Hi Kelvin

    I just join your service last month and after seeing the first losing trade, I am scared as I thought that you are like those lousy services that I have used in the past.

    After seeing your second trade and seeing how you protect my account by shifting the stop loss to breakeven, I am relieved.

    Frankly speaking, I see the entire trade from entry to exit as this is the last amt of money I have to try forex trading.

    Now that I see your skills, I know that you are different from those marketers out there as you are a real trader.

    I can now focus on learning your course and leave this account to you.

  7. Jane says:

    Hi Kelvin

    Thks for the trade. I made $700 alone from these 2 trades.

    Also thks for the profitable trade yesterday too.

    You are a real deal.

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